About Fresh-Picked Beauty

My name is Shannon and I have a love for all things natural, organic and eco-friendly.  If our skin is our largest organ, I suppose we better be pretty picky about what we slather and lather it with.  Just like I enjoy being able to easily read the ingredients in my food, I am quite the stickler about what goes into my skincare and beauty products.  Nowadays, it is simple to hit upon plant-based beauty and skincare products that offer beautiful benefits without the use of harmful ingredients and dreadful preservatives. I find that plant-based natural products work and smell better than the synthetic and chemical-laden products that many people are presently using.

My goal with Fresh-Picked Beauty is to share how to craft all-natural beauty products in your home kitchen.  Discover how to create delightful nature-inspired beauty recipes using organic and natural holistic ingredients to nourish and beautify your body from head-to-toe.  Discover and learn about conditioning carrier oils, sumptuous butters, aromatic floral waters, curative herbal extracts and therapeutically effective essential oils. 

Step-by-step photographs and clear instructions will guide you through each step of creating hand-crafted and customized beauty creations for yourself and for gift-giving.  Delve into a full collection of formulas for your hair, face, body, hands and feet.  Find out how to blend your own signature perfume using genuine essential oils.  Create a relaxing and restoring at-home spa with Fresh-Picked Beauty. 

 I have a wonderful husband of eighteen years who is very supportive of me and is the love of my life!! I know he is my soul mate and I never forget how blessed I am to make my journey through life by his side.

 I have a beautiful daughter who is finishing up High School and will be attending the University of Washington soon.  I am beyond proud of how much she has accomplished! She truly is my best friend!

My son keeps me on my toes and on the go.  He is a fireball and is super funny.  He loves to ride roller coasters and adores animals of all kinds, especially chipmunks.

I am currently attending both the East West School of Planetary Herbology and  Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington where I am studying to become a Certified Aromatherapist.  So exciting!!

I call myself a Beauty Foodie: an enthusiast of creating, using and shopping for really good beauty and skin care products. I really fancy making my own homespun skincare and beauty products right in my own kitchen using organic and all-natural ingredients.  If you want to fashion your very own kitchen-crafted beauty products, you have stumbled upon the right place. Welcome!!