Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Before You Go Odor Control Toilet Bowl Mist

There is a popular deodorant spray that is meant to be sprayed into the toilet bowl before you do your private business and it keeps the bathroom space smelling good.  This unique spray is basically a thin and sprayable emulsified lotion that is highly perfumed with essential oils. When you spray the solution into the toilet bowl, a thin waxy film forms on the top of the water and releases the aromatic molecules of the essential oils.  It also works to eliminate the stinky volatile odors that.....poop emits (yes I said it!!!). If you are quick enough to do your business and flush, the odor in the air should be that of lemongrass, sweet orange, bergamot and grapefruit....instead of the  more sinister or embarrassing aroma that can occur without the use of this type of toilet spray.  

After sampling the name brand spray on my hand, I had a pretty good idea of how to copycat it and got busy making my own formula. It is impossible to find a list of exact ingredients that the name brand company uses in their formula, however  I think I did a pretty good job of coming close. Unlike some of the other copycat recipes I found on the internet, my formula seems to be one of the few that actually uses an emulsifier with an oil/water formula.  It seems to me that you need to have an oil and water emulsification in order to make the thin film on the water to trap the stinky odor from coming up.

 I asked a few volunteers to try it out and they all gave positive reviews on how well it worked at controlling embarrassing odors.  Success!!! Here is the recipe I created for my "Before You Go Odor Control Toilet Bowl Mist".

You will need the following ingredients. Most of them can be purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs.

1 tablespoon of Fractioned Coconut Oil or another light carrier oil
1 teaspoon of Vegetable Glycerine
1/4 teaspoon Stearic Acid
1 teaspoon Emulsifying Wax
1/2 cup of distilled water
1 teaspoon lemongrass essential oil
1/2 teaspoon sweet orange essential oil
1/2 teaspoon bergamot essential oil
1/4 teaspoon grapefruit essential oil

Place the fractionated coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, stearic acid, emulsifying wax and distilled water in a 4 cup capacity glass measuring cup.  Place the measuring cup in a pot that has several inches of simmering water.  Bring the ingredients up to 160 degrees F and keep at that temperature for 5 minutes, stirring frequently.

Once the mixture is emulsified, carefully remove the glass measuring cup from the pot of water.  Using a hand mixer with a whisk attachment, whisk the liquid for ten minutes to cool it down.  When the mixture has cooled to below 100 degrees F, add in the essential oils and continue to whisk for another 5 minutes.  You should have a thin liquid. Pour the mixture into a sanitized glass spray bottle.

Here is a little demo of how this spray works.  The photo above shows a bowl filled with plain water.

After spraying the mixture five times onto the top of the water, you will notice a film forms. You will also notice the wonderful aroma that floats up into the air.

It is the magical aromatic film that keeps the bathroom smelling so wonderful.  Avoid spraying the formula on your skin or your eyes.  Avoid spraying on the floor as it may become slippery.

How did we ever get along without such a product? Especially in single bathroom homes!!!

Shannon Buck