All About Kunzea Essential Oil

photo credit: Overland Naturals

Have heard of Kunzea Essential Oil? It is one of the lesser known Australian oils that comes from wild grown bushes in Tasmania.  Farmers steam-distill the leaves, twigs and flowers from the bushes to obtain the unique oil. It has a pleasing aroma profile of being somewhat earthy, a tad sweet and a little camphoraceous. 

Many aromatherapists suggest it be used in an essential oil diffuser to purify the air in your home. It is frequently added to aromatherapy blends that help reduce the appearance of blemishes (great for teenagers!). Try adding a few drops of Kunzea to some hazelnut oil and applying it to blemishes.
It is also used in massage blends as it is uplifting to the mood. Try adding a few drops of Kunzea oil to some liquid coconut oil and massage it over your shoulders and neck while relaxing and practicing deep breathing. 

Kunzea Essential Oil can help reduce the appearance of blemishes!
If you find yourself tuckered out and sore after a long strenuous work-out, prepare a blend of a few drops of Kunzea essential oil in some sweet almond oil and massage it into your sore muscles to help your body in the natural recovery process. 

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