The Honeybees & I need your help!!!

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Mountain Rose Herbs has gotten together with their long term partner Beyond Toxics on their most recent project called 1000 Friends of Bees Campaign. As most of your know, a large percentage of our honeybee colonies are being threatened by habitat loss, introduced diseases, the spread of parasites, and worst of all, the widespread use of pesticides. Many biologists agree that without the simple honey bee, our entire food system would collapse as would other essential plant systems.

The problem is that pesticides poison the bees by direct contact with the plants and flowers they pollinate and from here the compound chemicals eventually contaminate the honey, pollen, and entire hive. Entire bee colonies have been collapsing at an alarming rate and the latest research points to pesticides as being the biggest culprit of these declines.

But don’t let this shocking news get you down! Mountain Rose Herbs and Beyond Toxics are addressing the impacts that pesticides cause to honeybee populations and we need your support! 1000 Friends of Bees Campaign is a neighborhood-by-neighborhood and city-by-city project dedicated to the preservation of the honeybee. The goal of 1000 Friends of Bees Campaign is to create pesticide-free zones in communities throughout the Pacific Northwest so that we can live together with our pollinators in a healthy and safe environment free of harmful chemicals.

There are numerous ways that you can help us spread the message and it will only take you a mere 2-3 minutes of your time.

Mountain Rose Herbs goal is to have 1000 new friends of bees and you can do this 2 ways….

I Need Your Help!!!

As many of you know I am an Affiliate with Mountain Rose Herbs. From 5/25/12 to 7/1/12, any commission I make from Mountain Rose Herbs will be directly donated to the 1000 Friends of Healthy Bees.  I already have $32.93 in my commissions account that I will add to the amount raised during 5/25/12 to 7/1/12.  I will earn a commission if you order something from Mountain Rose Herbs when you use my Affiliate Link (Please know that you will be paying the exact same amount that you would normally pay when using my Affiliate Link .  If you need anything from Mountain Rose Herbs, now is the time to order. Please click on the banner below to be taken to the Mountain Rose Herbs website and I will get credit for your order. I thank you very much for helping me with this important cause!!!! Green Blessings!!

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