Amber Glass Bottles

Head over to Mountain Rose Herbs to order.

You will find many of my beauty recipes are stored in amber glass bottles.  I get them from Mountain Rose Herbs.  Mountain Rose Herbs offers a comprehensive line of glass and plastic containers for all your herbal, cosmetic or body care needs.  All the containers they offer (excluding components) are fully recyclable at several municipalities across the U.S. and several of them have been manufactured from recycled content. Explore packaging opportunities with the ability to buy just one piece to see what best suits your needs and more later if you realize the component works well for what you are creating.  I use them to store my tinctures and herbal syrups as these amber bottles are specifically designed to withstand certain levels of UV contamination, therefore being the ideal storage solution for light sensitive compounds.  Mountain Rose Herbs has many sizes, from teeny tiny 1/24 ounce to larger 16 ounce.

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