Coconut Oil

You will find Coconut Oil from Mountain Rose Herbs.
Botanical Name- Cocos nucifera
Origin- Philippines
Extraction- Cold Pressed/Unrefined
Shelf life- 2 years
Kosher Certified- Yes
Notes- Will melt at 76 degrees and turn to liquid. This particular oil is raw, virgin and unrefined. Has a pleasant, deep and full bodied coconut aroma. If blended within skin care preparations at a high percentage, it may alter the scent of the final product. Suitable for both food and cosmetic use. Our Coconut oil is 100% certified organic through OTCO

Method Of Extraction  

Fresh, whole coconuts that are sound and ripe are shelled and then pared to remove the brown skin. The white meat is then milled to fine shreds and dried at a temperature of not more than 100 degrees for an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes. This does not create a completely dried and useless meat, but rather helps in the evaporation of excess water which is prevalent in the meat.

After drying, the milled coconut is passed through a customized, cold process oil press where the oil is separated from the coconut at a controlled temperature of less than 100 degrees. The oil is collected in a receiving pan and pumped through a series of filter cloths, which results in a water clear coconut oil, known commercially as Virgin Coconut Oil.The filtered virgin coconut oil is temporarily stored in a tank and made to pass through a final filter to remove any detritus left over before it is packed into its final drum.

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