Thursday, March 31, 2016

Korean Exfoliating Body Towel

I found these Viscose Exfoliating Body Towels from Korea at my local Asian market. For just $2.50 you get a three pack.

You can put your favorite bar of soap inside and use it to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. They are made from viscose material and are easy to use when you want to gently wash away dead skin. You will feel super fresh.

Moon Valley Organics is in my home state of Washington and they make a really awesome body cleansing soap. I purchased Lavender Calendula to use in my exfoliating cloth.

Each pouch will last a long time (about 60 showers worth). The three pack can last up to 6 months. A few important tips are to remove the bar of soap after each shower and rinse them under warm water. Allow them to dry completely between uses.

I looked online and found them for sale on Amazon in both red and green colors.